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With the growing internet usage in our day-to-day lives, we are getting internet-dependent. It means that we now share more personal & confidential information than ever. Directly or indirectly, it becomes riskier, and we all know that this information is at stake.

How is our information at risk on the internet?

There are many ways our information can be used wrongfully. To sell our data to advertisers or for stealers’ personal benefits, tons of ways our data can be compromised. But one of the most feared risks is malware on the web these days. Let’s understand what malware is and how we can prevent it.

Know Malware or Malicious Software

Malware means malicious software that is made to affect a system. In the year 2019, there were more than 9 million malware attacks. Malware is potentially strong and harms one’s system badly. In other words, malware can do the following:

  • Let the attacker control the affected system.
  • Manipulate the system’s data, settings, and other connections.
  • See the system activity of the victim system and those systems connected with it.  
  • Steal private information.

Ways to Prevent Malware

There are malware scanner tools to prevent and detect malware. These tools help find and remove the malware from the system. Below are the best online malware scanner tools:


SiteGuarding is one of the best free online malware monitoring tools that scan your site and system for malware. If SiteGuarding gets any malware in the system – it sends you a detailed report and ways to fight it.


  • Blacklist Analysis
  • Website Detailed Link Analysis


Quttera is considered the best malware scanning tool on the internet. The reason behind its detailed work and scanning management. Once the scan is done, it sends you a report having all the details.


  • Multiplatform Support like WordPress, Drupal, etc.
  • Malicious & Suspicious File Reports
  • Clean Files Option
  • Blacklist Status
  • iFrames Scanned
  • SSL Certificate Details


Sucuri is another great tool to scan malware; it’s a multifunctional tool. It not only scans for viruses but also for security patches & website components updates.


  • Finds out the seriousness of the detected virus
  • Finds out security issues & holes
  • Checks if the site is blacklisted by any security authority or not


ScanTitan is a cloud-based malware monitoring tool that entirely scans your website from infrastructure to server and network application – it leaves none.


  • Finds out any hidden iframes, web shells, back doors, & malicious codes
  • Conducts blacklist monitoring & threat intelligence

Web Inspector

Web Inspector is another cloud-based virus inspecting platform designed to check only WordPress websites. The only problem with Web Inspector is you can only use its free services for 90 days only – after that, you must pay.


  • Checks for infected codes, malware infections, blacklistings, & PCI compliance
  • Checks SSL certification & database
  • Instant virus alerts

Indusface WAS

It’s a great site for the overall site scan, but it’s free to use only for just 1 scan. It also checks business logic vulnerability besides the viruses.


  • Blacklist Detection
  • Defacement Protection
  • 24×7 Support


It’s a simple malware detecting site for WordPress portals. Its smart firewall can find all kinds of malware, even those which are hard to detect.


  • Malware Removal Facility
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Uses Machine Learning Technology to Spot Malware

Bottom Line

There are many more sites, but these are the best malware scanning tools you can use to keep your site safe & healthy. It’s important to protect your site from viruses as it won’t let them harm your business otherwise. If you want any kind of IT support services, you can contact Supportfly

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